goose crashes on the Black River

silly goose wipeout caught as a pair of geese came in for a landing…all the geese in the vicinity were honking loudly the whole time this wipeout was happening…it sounded like they were laughing at this silly goose…I didn’t realize that geese could make faces until I downloaded my pictures 😀 lisa

8 thoughts on “goose crashes on the Black River

    • Hi Avinash – thanks for stopping by Lorain 365! I got so lucky with these shots – definitely right place, right time. I only wish I had been running video, if for no other reason than to catch the ‘laugh track’!


  1. Lucky thing he/she didn’t get hurt. My Dad and I were walking along the mile long pier one summer, years ago; and we witnessed a goose underestimate its altitude and it flew right into the pier. Poor fellow didn’t make it. Good picture series you captured here.


    • Hi Mark – it was a pretty big bodied goose, so my first thought was that it might have been a momma goose getting ready for nesting season and I hoped no internal injuries were suffered. I don’t know what I would have done if I’d have seen what you did, though. How tragic. That poor goose. They must not have very good eyesight when it comes to things other than food. The worst that I’ve witnessed so far was this crash and the other day a male mallard fell off the steel wall (that serves as background in most of my goose shots). He was so close to the wall that he couldn’t open his wings and he landed with quite a big splash in the water (thank goodness not ice). He didn’t look injured, but at least he didn’t get quacked at by all the other ducks. I got so lucky with this series of shots. I’m glad you like them 🙂


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