Toesday with Nikki – extended mix

Day 77: Finally some warmer weather!!! The girls played outside, mama got a manicure, and the sun was shining! ! *sigh

Day 78: Couples who #WOD together, get stronger together, healthy together, and have to put up.with each other longer! #crossfitproblems

Day 79: Bringin’ home the bacon!

Day 80: 14.4 with my Open 2014 partner Mike Kehl…. and my 1st time on the rower. #crossfitproblems

Day 81: BOWLING!!!

Day 82: this was my whole day. Fighting off a stoopid headache.

Day 83: 200 lb sumo deadlift. Not bad for a housewife! #MOMSWHOWOD

Day 84: I love this place. I love these shoes. I love it. That is all.

Day 85: Jeremy is having some tests ran. Imma wait right here with my feet up.

Day 86: girl scout outing to blind dog. Best ever.

Day 87: and I’ve completed the entire Crossfit Open 2014, faced my fear, and kept going after I thought I had no more in me. It’s amazing how what your capable of if you put your mind to it, surround yourself with like-minded, motivational friends, who really want to see you succed, and just do it.

Day 88: spring break what?!!???!!!

Day 89: 8:38p and we’re calling this an early night, not an old lady problem. Good night!

Day 90: beautiful sunshine while I wait to give a buyer his keys to his new home!

Day 91: Its a beautiful day for a a walk to the bus stop! #springisfinallyhere

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