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Canadian Soldiers: The Winter Troops

We’ve been invaded from the North! Our neighborhood has been under siege the past few days.
The troops were seen carrying out their mission along the exposed edges of front yards as the snow slowly melted during the sunny but frigid days.
They tried to set up camp in a neighbor’s front yard but were forced to retreat when curious children and being shot at*
overwhelmed their limited numbers. In this photo, the troops were regrouping in preparation for takeoff.
canadian soldiers winter troops

*Although I shot at the geese with a Canon, I promise and certify that no Canada Geese were harmed during the creation of this post. :-D

commercial break: Dine to make a difference for Lorain County Dog Kennel

first flower

A quick peek at the first snowbell of the year before this weekend’s alleged snowstorm buries them in celebration of the end of meteorological winter.
first flower

technical difficulties

If you don’t see us for a few days, don’t worry – we’ll be back as soon as the new modem gets here!


my favorite guidance counselor

Roger Brownson was my guidance counselor for 4 years at Lorain High School. This was taken yesterday at the Crocker Park event for Quinn.
Roger and Lisa

Quinn’s a star!

The positive power of social media was in full effect today at Crocker Park, thanks to this message posted on Facebook:
“Please help us make a little boy’s dreams come true at Crocker Park this afternoon.
A 5yo boy named Quinn has terminal cancer and only a few months to live.
His wish is to be treated like a celebrity for a day.
He is being taken by limousine and a police escort to Brio for dinner, where his family and friends want him to be greeted by
the “paparazzi” and a large crowd of cheering fans to line the streets to help make this boy’s wish come true.
This wish is not through any organization, just his family trying to make their boy happy with what little resources they have left.”

The crowd lined the block.
Hope for Quinn fans

The polite paparazzi handled the star’s arrival professionally.
Quinn Demko rocks CLE paparazzi 022115

Hope for Quinn paparazzi
Quinn, Maximize!
Quinn maximize


chimney stalagmites

inversion diversion

West Coast meets North Coast

It’s winter. You know what snow is and what it looks like.
If you don’t, that’s what Google is for. I can hardly look at it anymore, let alone photograph it.
Instead, join me in a warm, sunny place on this cold, windy, awful winter day :-)

west coast meet north coastMy niece, Aurora, who recently visited from California. [originally posted July 2013]


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