10 replies to “dj joey

  1. That happens to me every time I try to take his picture too!

    I just wish he’d had the other side of the sign showing – “Eminem is my daddy” – and that he would have waved at me or been dancing. That’s okay – summer’s coming and his friends will be joining him for plenty of photo ops!


  2. Is he a famous person or do you just know him? What is he doing? Seems as if his bag fell down. And what sign is he carrying? I don’t understand a single word. LOL


    1. He is famous around here! He stands on that corner, carries a sign that on one side asks people to honk their car horn if they love Lorain and the other side of his sign claims that a famous singer is his daddy. Ok, the singer is probably the same age as he is but whatever! He has his radio playing and this guy stands there dancing and singing and just enjoying life!

      You can watch him on you tube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfRNbe_AESY


      1. As my husband’s grandmother was being carried from the church to the hearse, DJ Joey provided the soundtrack by playing “I’m bringin’ sexy back” by Justin Timberlake. 🙄 I hope grandma eventually saw the humor in it like we did 😀


          1. Thanks a million for the explanation. OK, it’s THAT kind of being famous I already supposed. LOL. Sorry, Lisa, it was a sad event, but the soundtrack he played cracked me up. Sorry, I don’t want to be disrespectful and I hope granny loughed out loud from her cloud above.


        1. And THAT is priceless!

          A couple of summers ago, he was standing outside of Little Caesar’s Pizza on 30th and Broadway dancing and head bopping but carrying the Little Caesar’s sign. I thought that was perfect for him!


          1. What funny stories! We call such people, who are a bit strange, but also play a kind of important role for the town (and if it only that their strangeness gives you the feeling that your hometown is unique) “originals”. Formerly every village had it’s “original”, but they are very rare now. So one honk for Joey from me!


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