6 replies to “parking lot carnival

  1. Wonderful shot, love the lights.
    We have got the same here, called “Lunapark”, a fair on a huge parking lot. Well, I’m always glad it’s over, because we need parking space and I’m not so into fairs. But I love the mood of your pic.


    1. This is a traveling carnival. This time of year, they tend to pop up every weekend in the parking lots of empty or abandoned commercial properties. Good timing around here with the first of the month and all.


    1. Stacey, when I was by there the other day, they were packed up and ready to move on. Sorry you missed them this time around. I’m sure they’ll be back.


      1. Stacy, when I was by there this evening, it looked like there might have been some rides up and running, so maybe they will stay open through tomorrow. Good luck catching them!


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