adding bricks to the wall


3 replies to “adding bricks to the wall

    1. This is the same building that I’ve been keeping an eye on and posting a picture of occasionally. They are in the process of turning this building into the new headquarters for Lorain County Health and Dentistry. So far, so good! They’ve got a lot to prove to this community when it comes to that building, as it has stood as an eyesore for many years now. Nice to see the transformation moving along.


      1. I know, you once gave me a lot information on this building. And therefore I’m very interested in what is happening with it. Health center seems to be a good use. I keep my fingers crossed that this eyesore will become a gemstone soon. But they still need to do something with the rotten houses you posted on your blog. This looks terrible for such a nice place Lorain seems to be.


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