6 replies to “when music is in your soul

    1. I was just walking through the cemetery when I saw this stone. It reminded me of a young man that I knew years and years and years ago in another lifetime. He was a very talented musician who had such promise ahead of him. Unfortunately, suicide ended whatever bright future he had. His family had engraved a few lines of one of his compositions to his stone as well. I thought it was beautiful, as is this stone.


  1. Memories… in our family, one of the American branches of the family, there was also a young musician, who could play a lot of instruments and was part of the then famous Wiley Orchestra, played in St. Louis in the Roaring Twenties, also composed some tunes for Hollywood film industry … he died young of a car crash near Ann Arbor. Last year his son sent me his violin, because I am the only relative of his father’s side.. I’m not a musician, but a drawer and painter, but I hope, once, when the constructing is done, learning to play on this violin. Until then it has got a good place in my home. Music is eternal, never dies.Unfortunately he hasn’t got a tune on his gravestone: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=albrecht&GSfn=f&GSbyrel=all&GSdyrel=all&GSob=n&GRid=9340336&df=all&


    1. WOW! What a small world. Most of MY family is buried at this cemetery.

      Whether you learn to play the violin or not, what a great memento to be passed down to you. I would definitely treasure his instrument.


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