scenery by Sandy

4 replies to “scenery by Sandy

  1. The power keeps blinking on and off, so I had to post these pix quick.
    The first one is the property to the east of Century Park, the second one is the entrance to Hot Waters, and the third is Century Park beach.


  2. I tried to go to Hot Waters too! I was surprised that they wouldn’t let you down there, but when I peaked around the truck, you could see the water coming up over the land down there. I bet it would have been pretty easy to get swept into the water with those waves! Un-freakin-believable.


    1. I tried every way I could think of to get down there, but every entrance to the pier was blocked and so was the exit from HW. Probably for the best considering the craziness @ Lakeview and the road construction challenge getting down to Jackalope. You’d think people never saw wind and rain before 😀


  3. The “Entrance Municipal Boat Ramps” sign was gone this morning. Casualty of the storm? Thanks to whoever put the stop sign back up on the SW corner of Idaho & E 🙂


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