this is doing it MY way!


5 replies to “this is doing it MY way!

  1. At the moment I have to “drive thru” much too often, because there is no other way if you are working from day to night and have got only a short hour for getting something to eat at noon. But I must say, that I don’t like this very much. I would prefer having a bit more time for eating.


    1. Thanksgiving is a big holiday in this country, but I think it’s a bit sexist as well. Come Thanksgiving, the women are there working for days to prepare. We schedule, invite, plan, shop for and prepare a feast for the family plus clean up after it. Traditionally, the men eat it, then watch tv for the rest of the day. Already I’m not looking forward to all of the work on this “holiday”. So, last night when I saw this sign, I had to laugh. That’s MY kind of holiday! One where I get the day off too!


      1. psst…that’s why places like your favorite store, Giant Eagle, sell complete dinners that you take home, unpack and serve 😉
        I heard The Pit is selling smoked turkeys this year…mmm mmm!


        1. It still sounds like work! I’d have to set it all up and then clean up after it! I’m sticking with Burger King! Anyone up for a burger for Thanksgiving, pick a couple up and bring them to my house! I’ll provide the napkins! 🙂


          1. Oh, I did not think of Thanksgiving! In Germany we don’t have this holiday. What a great idea! I tell you a secret: On Christmas I am also going to be a bit “lazy”, because I also don’t want to spend all the time in the kitchen. ;o)
            Thanksgiving is also the start for Christmas season, isn’t it!? Since I read on Jenny’s blog that she puts up the Christmas tree around Thanksgiving we also do this and we like it. In Germany people usually put up the tree on Christmas Eve and I think that this is no good idea, because it is usually removed until January 6th. This is tooooo short. – This year all is different because of emptying the sold house. So we will have a very small Christmas tree instead of one which reaches to the ceiling in all the other years. I hope seeing your trees soon!


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