unidentified feature of architecture

This house is on my route through the area where I’ve been shooting the demolition list houses.
The design in the brickwork on the second floor has my curiosity piqued.

Today, I finally got the opportunity to talk to the lady of the house and her sister, and neither of them knew anything about where the design came from or what it represented.
The house has been in their family since the 1950’s and will soon be 100 years old. For them, the design has always been there.

When I showed it to Chuck, he suggested that they were just unique pieces parts of old buildings and maybe they were laid upside down. So I rotated it.
That changes the whole look of the design. The “egg” looks recessed instead of raised and the other piece now looks like it has corbeling that goes up and out.
What do you think? What could they be? Where could they have come from?

5 replies to “unidentified feature of architecture

  1. We have also a sculptured stone sitting in the wall of our house. Maybe the story is similar: Our stone is from a much older house. This house was once demolished and my grandfather picked up the beautiful stone with the sign of a grocer on it. This stone has been laying around on our property for years, for decades, until my father decided to let it be part of a new wall of our house.


    1. Maybe so, Georgia. The other unusual feature on this house is the white line that appears to go all the way around the house. At first, I thought someone had just painted a white line on the brickwork to be different, but upon closer inspection, there are no mortar joints. So maybe that’s a sandstone slab that was laid in as decoration and has always been painted white? I don’t know. It’s a beautiful old house and I’ll be going back for more pix after the man of the house is done dressing up the exterior for Christmas.


    1. Dang, you’re good! Yes sir, that’s the name I come up with on the auditor’s site. According to the sister, their Mom passed away a few years ago and the youngest daughter lives in the house with her family now. It’s still a decent section of the block, but there’s a vacant falling down house a couple doors down to the east (almost the corner of Long & 20th) that needs to go, along with a few more down in front of the elementary school. Eliminating those houses will go a long way towards keeping that neighborhood moving in the right direction.


  2. One of the son’s (Chuck, who passed away some years ago) was a good friend of mine for many years. We called him “pizza man” cuz he worked @ Yala’s. The proprietor was his uncle and the Mother was Phyllis. More fond memories of that neighborhood I grew up in. Thanks for posting, it reaffirms my memory is not shot afterall. Peace, muley


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