reflections in the ionosphere

ionosphere reflection WNW 1 050213

ionosphere reflection WNW 2 050213

ionosphere reflection WNW 3 050213

ionosphere reflection WNW 4 050213
Caused by a light bending temperature inversion over Lake Erie, we could see these vertical reflections of ? Canada? The Islands? Michigan? Cedar Point? I dunno.
We were behind El Arriero [the castle] last night around 8ish looking WNW. The reflections to the north were horizontal, like the Canadian shoreline.
As it got darker, we also noticed red and white blinking lights to the north and thought maybe we were getting reflections of Canadian lighthouse or marker lights.
Apologies for picture quality, taken with the little old Fuji at full zoom and then cropped. You can bet I’ll be down there tonight with my big girl camera 😉
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3 replies to “reflections in the ionosphere

  1. Hi Georgia – on the blog’s FB timeline, I shared a video of lights at night over the Lake Erie horizon. Did you see it? You might want to check it out. Another incredible phenomenon I’ve never seen before!


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