Juneteenth Parade

“Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States.” [source]
Yesterday was Lorain’s Juneteenth Parade…

Thanks to the Morning Journal for the front page link!
MJ front page parade pix link

Bessie Eva Nelson
Juneteenth Parade Bessie Eva Nelson

100 Men of Lorain County
Juneteenth Parade 100 Men of Lorain County

I missed the African American International Princess. 😦
I’ll catch up with her at the festival! 🙂

unknown beautiful woman
Juneteenth Parade unknown beautiful woman

E. Jean Wrice
Juneteenth Parade E Jean Wrice

African Royalty Drill Team
Juneteenth Parade unknown drill team 2

Crookalettes Drill Team
Juneteenth Parade Crookalettes Drill Team

Pretty Girl Swagg (Drill Team?)
Juneteenth Parade Pretty Girl Swagg

Last but not least, LFD for our friend Ree. 😀
Juneteenth Parade LFD for Ree

2 replies to “Juneteenth Parade

    1. I think he was looking for you, actually. So when I said “wave for Ree”, he knew what was up! And the big hose is just a bonus! lol

      Ree, I googled other cities’ Juneteenth parades & celebrations to see what they are like. Um, Lorain 365 might be traveling to Oberlin for this next year…


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