inadvertent stalking

Last night I went to my first Lorain County Ironmen baseball game at The Pipeyard.
Pipe Yard June 2013

I’ve been meaning to go to a game since this blog began. After all, this is the first place everyone checks when they’re looking for fun things to see and do in Lorain. Right? 😀
At any rate, I went last night because of an invitation that Lorain 365 received on FaceBook. However, I misunderstood the invitation and didn’t realize that the person who invited me was going to perform before the game. I didn’t show up until game time and I totally missed the whole show. 😦

When I got home and went through my pictures, I was surprised to see that I had inadvertently stalked local artist Erin Vardous at the game with her family. 😎

I saw them on a hill…JV on a hill

I saw them eat their fill…EV JV eat their fill

I saw them in their seats…EV in the seats

Not far from Mom who’s sweet…DS mom who's sweet

Come meet Erin and treat yourself to her amazing creations at the Follow The Fish artSHop tomorrow:

lisa purple sig

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