Successful Sunday – a new Lorain 365 feature!

Every Sunday, we will be featuring and celebrating the successes of the people of Lorain.
Do you have a special someone in your life whose accomplishments you would like share with the world?
The only requirement is that the person has to be a current or former resident of Lorain.
Let us know: Lorain365[at]gmail[dot]com

Introducing Dr. Terah Robbin Webb, who was raised in Lorain’s oldest neighborhood, Charleston Village.
She is married to Bradley Webb and they have a son named Graham.
She is currently a Veterinary Ophthalmologist at MedVet in Columbus, Ohio.
“Dr. Webb is one of the ophthalmologists that pioneered endolaser cyclophotocoagulation glaucoma surgery for dogs and cats.” [source]

There are 11 in this litter who entrusted their eyesight to Dr. Webb!
Doctor Terah Robbin Webb

Thanks to Dr. Webb’s dad, Rich Robbin, for the inspiration to begin Successful Sunday 🙂
and a hat tip to Ree for coming up with a most excellent name for the feature 😀

5 replies to “Successful Sunday – a new Lorain 365 feature!

  1. Aww, thanks for the shout out!

    And congrats on the new feature! This is a great addition to Lorain 365 showing a very positive light on Lorain!


    1. Hi Jill – we aren’t the newspaper, just one of their community bloggers. I do believe both local papers have a section (usually way in the back by the comics) where they do something similar, though.


  2. Suggestions: Any and all Lorain City School graduates that have returned to be educators; Dr. John Costin; Drs. Hugh and Brian Gotro – Chiropracters in the Charlotte, NC area; Palma DelSignore Stipe – owner and operator of Little Lighthouse Daycare; just off the top of my head.

    Love and hugs, Mom


  3. Lisa, thanks so much for caring so much about our City. Your photos & now this show the positive side of Lorain.


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