dynamite wrap-up

Shortly after I got to work today, word quickly made its way down the hall that there was something explosive outside and people were being evacuated. On the way out, we got word that a box of dynamite had been found in the backyard of one of the duplexes across the street and the bomb squad was on their way.

The intersection of West 23rd and Pole Avenue at 840a
W23 Pole intersection 840a

It wasn’t long before the area was crawling with police, fire, rescue, sheriff’s deputies, the bomb squad, Red Cross, any other heroes I forgot, media, and onlookers. The decision was made to soak the dynamite with diesel fuel to break down the explosive components and then use the bomb squad robot to move the dynamite out to the middle of the street for a controlled burn. The slower it burns, the less chance there is for an explosion.

LFD extended the perimeter for the third time.
LFD extends perimeter

LifeCare moved in.
LifeCare moves in

The robot went in, the guy in the bomb suit eventually came out…
bomb squad bomb suit guy

…then the robot brought out the bag(s?) of dynamite and left them in the middle of the street.
W23 Pole 1101a

The pile sat for about a half hour to let the diesel fuel soak in and neutralize the dynamite.
Then the Bomb Squad gave the robot a flare to place in the pile.
robot flares dynamite

The burn begins. [Time: 1137a]
burn begins

Time for Fox 8 News at Noon.
Fox8 Elisa Amigo noon news

The burn ends uneventfully. [Time: 318p]
burn ends

Cleaned up and ready to roll. Job well done by all! [Time: 332p]
cleaned up

This is a piece of the wrapper that had been found in the backyard with the dynamite.
The authorities are hoping it will help them determine the age of the dynamite.
dynamite wrapper 1

This is my new puppy, Bubba, a displaced resident 😉

Do you think LFD likes Lorain 365 as much as we like them? 😎
LFD likes Lorain365
lorain365 likes LFD

Coverage in other local media: Morning Journal & Chronicle Telegram
Please note that times shown above reflect the time that particular photo was taken.
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2 replies to “dynamite wrap-up

  1. WOW!!! Fabulous pictures!!!! Great job at on the scene reporting!!! 🙂

    I’m glad everyone was ok . . . especially all of the heroes that showed up for work today to take care of the morons that left this dynamite behind.


  2. All those yummy LFD pix [just for you] and not even a mention? 😦
    Considering all the things that could have gone seriously wrong, especially if the guys who found it had been successful in lighting one, I too am glad that it turned out to be a relatively uneventful day.


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