too much in the way

3 color sunset…but I had to share last night’s sunset, shot from the Bascule Bridge, because I’ve never captured a 3 color sun before 🙂 ~ lisa

4 replies to “too much in the way

    1. I almost missed it. Took a chance that I could get up on the bridge fast enough to catch something, anything – thus the reason for all the foreground clutter. Might have had a better shot from the west end of the bridge, but the parking was closer at the east end.


  1. I wish the light house authority would turn on the lights just before sunset… can u imagine how lovely that would be …. just saying


    1. You are absolutely right! Considering this was shot shortly after 9pm, I’m surprised the lights aren’t on. However, I haven’t been keeping up with the lighthouse like I usually do since the pier has been closed for the tunnel project. Are they even turning the lights on this summer?


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