no more driving for you!

your grandmaAs I sat at a red light in the left turn lane at the NW corner of Broadway and West Erie, an old woman pulled up in a big ol’ Chevy Caprice LS.
On my left! On the wrong side of the double yellow line!! Heading into oncoming traffic!!! She could barely see over the dashboard of her car.
I hoped she was planning on making a left turn, as we would get the arrow and be the only ones moving. I gave her the right of way, but I doubt that the decision was as much mine as I’d like to think. She was going wherever she was going, however she wanted to get there, and nothing was going to get in her way, laws be damned.
If the sides of the bridge were padded, she would have bounced between them like a bowling ball during bumper bowling. Thankfully I was able to get past her before that started! She finally decided to straddle the lanes until they merged into one.
This picture was taken by cellphone at 809pm last night.
If you think you know who this person is, I encourage you to take away her keys and offer her a ride the next time. ~ lisa

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