corner anchor

SW 071213 corner anchorOn the corner of Oberlin Avenue and First Street.

The view
corner Oberlin and First

2 replies to “corner anchor

  1. hmm if I could tromp loi the panels in the building to blend it with lake and sky and plant greenery to obscure the sausages of sludge I would be happy oh and then there is that living wall ( hydrophonic plants) on the wall of the water dept……. maybe a living greenery fish _ painted by nature 😉 can do it just need the talent and the money 🙂


  2. I tried to do my own version of cleaning up that view, it would be nice if others would do their part. I thought they were going to.
    Fish shrubs and topiary next, huh? lol Thankfully the view of the lake and sky is so beautiful from this point that most folks will be looking up and out and not down.


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