4 replies to “Lake Idaho

  1. Yes it is! 😀
    Now it’s called Summit Academy, though. LCS sold it to them a few years back. The bell is at Black River Historical Society.
    “Lake Idaho” fills in with every rain. It sits at the “intersection” of the south end of alley and the school parking lot. A handful of the neighbors have driveway and garage access off the alley. For a number of reasons, it’s tough to come in from the north end of the alley. It doesn’t help that the city denies the existence of a small drainage ditch that exists on the east side of the alley – my dad helped to build a bridge across it when we were kids so we could play with the kids in the house out back. We used to float twig & leaf “boats” down it when it rained enough to fill a little. Now the ditch is so full of crap, shit, and garbage, it doesn’t drain anything. Obviously.


  2. I’m thinking that “the boat ashore” neighbor [boat to the left] might have a good idea after all… 😀

    The neighbor who asked me to take and post this picture said that the water in the “lake” was up to the bottom of his car doors.


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