Sunday with Grandpa – from a broken glass plate negative

Grandpa 122 Lorain365 wm

Grandpa 128 Lorain365 wm

4 replies to “Sunday with Grandpa – from a broken glass plate negative

  1. What an amazingly strong face this woman has – there is a touch of sadness in those eyes and wisdom like she has seen great sorrow and yet is someohow “knowing” she is truly beautiful and such a remarkable photo


  2. I wish someone who recognizes her would see this post and tell us who she is and a little of her story, if known.
    I wondered if she was wearing a hospital-type gown over her clothes or if that was part of her dress.
    She is definitely a wise old soul and a reflection of a little part of each of us.
    The way she looks into the camera makes me feel like she’s looking as deeply into my eyes as I am into hers.
    One of her eyes is bigger? more open? than the other, too. o_O


  3. WOW! Those pictures are amazing!!! Seriously, I have chills. As for the dress, my Grandma used to wear this cover up over her dresses to protect them while cooking or baking. Sort of a snap up, sleeveless cover, in lieu of an apron. That’s what it reminds me of, but I can’t tell for sure.


  4. Hmm…I didn’t think of that, Ree, My grandma always wore a sleeveless smock-y thing to protect her clothes when working in the kitchen, too. I can’t guarantee this woman was a Lorainian – I’m finding many photos that were taken out west. She could have been anywhere. Same goes for all the other people I’ve posted so far on Sundays with Grandpa, with the exception of Grandpa & Grandma.


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