Sunday with Grandpa: Lisa’s Grandpa

Chuck’s grandpa didn’t take this photo, but I caught the local and family history bug this week and thought I’d share my family with you. Maybe we’re related!
Back row: My great-grandparents, Maria [Mary] Ignatko [b. 1899 d. 1948] and Joseph Thomas [b. 1891 d. 1972]
In-between them is Magdalene [b. 1917]
The children in front from L to R: Gerald [my grandpa, b. 1921], Walter [b. 1918], and Joseph [b. 1919]
All of the children in this photo lived good long lives and have died.
They had three more children: Leonard [b.1923 d. ?], Mary Lou [b.1933], and Carl [b.1935]

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