commercial break: Lorain artSHop details – Saturday, June 28th

Join us and be ‪#‎theoneswevebeenwaitingfor‬ in Lorain County arts!
Join us on Saturday, June 28th for a full day of fresh, local AND world-class art and events from noon – 6pm ———-with “after pARTies” scheduled through midnight. C’mon down to Broadway and be pART of it all!


o Gallery U-Haul, a mobile art exhibit inside a rented truck. Curated by Patsy Kline, a Cleveland-based artist known for her multimedia, live, interactive art installations experience the creative process via live art and Mobile Music spun by Craig Pearsall. (4 – 8pm)

o Art on Broadway, Follow the Fish Art and Adventure Trail’s storefront/street side summer “art gallery” exhibit. From the Palace Theater to the Jevon Terance Boutique, the city streets and storefronts are transformed into an outdoor urban art gallery with art from local, national and international artists.

o ARTSHOP artist vendors – stop and ART SHOP on the sidewalks by artists from Lorain County and nearby: Fred Farschman, Tammy Zapotechne, Helen Wald, Steve Clegg , Val West, Deanne Conley, Susan Olsen, Jenny Bendis, Amy Storrow, Tammy Strieter. Pottery Demonstrations by Lake Waters Pottery. (noon – 6pm)

o Sample fabulous local food from our food truck vendors.

o Play a little with us! Create giant fish chalk art or “fish” for prizes at our “Fish Pond.” Bowl in a real outdoor alley – with real pins and balls – and win prizes.

o Stop in and visit and shop Lorain’s merchants including Sun Novelty, Nielson Jewelers, and Faroh’s Chocolates!

CHECK OUT ALL OUR SPECIAL EVENTS from noon – 6pm and the “after PARTY” fun from 6pm – midnight!!

At THE PALACE THEATRE – 617 Broadway, noon – 10pm
Experience the historic Palace Theater as it looks to the past and the future in Lorain with events and experiences inside, outside and all around the theater, starting at noon and continuing through 10pm.

o Hidden History: Behind Closed Doors – a photographic essay of the Lorain Palace Theater’s Mighty Wurlitzer organ by Lorain photographer Kurt Hernon, shown on the theater’s big screen and accompanied by a live organ performance. Experience the unseen glory of this truly precious civic gem. (Shown at noon, 2pm, and 4pm)

o “LORAIN– An Industrial Empire in Ohio’s Vacation Land,” a historic classic 1953 short film of Lorain in the height of the Industrial Empire. Watch Lorain in her heyday, then walk around outside and use your imagination to envision a new Lorain. (Shown at 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm.)

o Outside Sidewalk Bar – Grab some refreshments, chat with friends new and old, people watch. (noon – 6pm)

o GLOW” – Join the Palace Theater’s alleyway party inspired by light and its movement around us, featuring an interactive art installation created by Matthew Gallagher. (from 8 – 10pm – north alley)

AT THE CHARLESTON CAFE 610 Broadway, open until 10pm.
Stop in and grab a coffee, drink, or a snack at Lorain’s quaint and cozy but contemporary coffee house.

• “Polish Churches of Lorain and Ohio”. A projected slide show exhibition and presentation by David Simmer that celebrates the religious traditions of the Lorain International’s featured nationality, Poland. (2:30pm and 4:00pm)

• “Projections” by Gregory Little – Gregory Little’s artistic work centers on poetic intersections of art and science through non-looping 3d animated projections and interactive virtual environments. (noon – 10pm)

AT THE FOLLOW THE FISH “FISH TANK” 642 Broadway, noon – 8pm
Get hooked on local art at the Follow the Fish headquarters. See art, make art, talk to artists and the art crew!

o Join with Follow the Fish artists to make art – fins and scales for a Giant Small Mouth Bass sculpture created out of recycled cans by artist Ann Bort. (noon – 4 pm)

o See a model of the ECO-ART: Water “Wave” being created by artist Jim Gundlach.

o Create water-themed origami art with folded paper guru James Peake! (noon – 4pm)

o Learn about recycling and conservation with Lorain’s Loco Yaks, and their ongoing and essential annual efforts to clean up Lorain’s Black River and other beaches and waterways. The Loco Yaks also offer guided river tours, paddling lessons, water safety, and all things paddling and fun!

o Take a chance on some art! Proceeds from our art raffle, donated by participating artists, directly support the work of Follow the Fish Art and Adventure Trail.

At the BRIAR (Black River Innovative Artist Residence), 668 Broadway, noon – 8pm
Follow the Fish Art and Adventure Trails presents a curated art experience encompassing painting and dance.

• National, International and NEO artist Mark E. Howard exhibits large scale works.
• Contemporary dance and ballet performed by Brittany Drost of Harbourtown Dance (at 2pm)
• Dream X Dance Duo’s De Shawn Fowler and Bryan Witherspoon present “Poetry in Motion”(from 6 – 8pm)
• Hourly tours of the newly renovated artist live/work space (1 – 5pm)

At JEVON TERANCE BOUTIQUE, 712 Broadway, noon – midnight
Stop by and check out Jevon Terance’s men’s and women’s clothing, watch him at work, and maybe catch a “sneak peek” of his newest collection, to be featured in his July 27th, Annual Fashion Show at the Palace Theater.

● Two special five minute “Mini fashion shows” on the boutique sidewalk showcasing his latest clothing collection. Show times: 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.

● “Lorain Loves Soles” Sneaker Party – a chance to “Buy, Sell, or Trade”, new and gently used and mostly customized sneakers. 8pm – midnight

● Tony Trunzo: An Artist Paints Fashion. (part of Art on Broadway: A Summer Street side Storefront Art Exhibit)
For more information on the Mini Fashion Shows and Sneaker Events, please contact shopjevon@gmail.com or 440.320.9337

At LORAIN ARTS COUNCIL, 737 Broadway, noon – 8pm
Stop in and see the current exhibition, Art Retrospective & Tribute to Marie Bonaminio, then join us for an evening opening reception for a solo exhibition of photographs by Dale Scherfling. The Lorain Arts Council works to promote, provide and enhance the Arts in Lorain County.

At CLUB COPA, 939 Broadway, 8pm – close

● “Retro Night” ARTSHOP after pARTy. Enjoy a cocktail and sample some truly inspired international snacks while you dance the night away to the music of the 70’s and 80’s (and maybe some 90’s!). Stop in and enjoy Lorain’s top dance club and relax in its inspired artistic, upscale, and sophisticated environment.
Follow the Fish Art and Adventure Trail works to sustain Lorain County artists, communities, and our unique natural resources. The project is presented by Lorain County Community College/Stocker Arts Center and the Greater Cleveland Aquarium with support from University Hospitals Health System and the Nord Family Foundation.

062814 artSHop LorainInternational Festival Weekend is full of FUN things to see and do in Lorain!

Thanks for visiting Lorain 365! Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

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