6 replies to “Yield to what?

  1. I think at one time the light going eastbound past the yield sign may not have always been there. Therefore one would need to yield to traffic in order to turn right or continue east. Lots of big trucks used to use that intersection going west out of the steel plant property so an eastbounder would have to yield to the bigger trucks making the zig-zag onto 21st street. Just an old brain trying to remember. Nice pic though!


    1. Now that you mention that, I think the right side there used to be a yield sign to get onto Elyria Avenue. I don’t think that light used to be there. Then again, with the placement of the yield sign, that is for traffic on 21st Street, isn’t it? Ugh, so much in the city of Lorain just doesn’t make sense to me! And thanks! I have been trying to get this shot for awhile but never have the red light when I need it to snap a picture! Saturday was my lucky day! 🙂


  2. To make sure the cars that went through the “yellow” light have cleared the distance of the intersection — I think. Especially if one was turning right on red here. Notice the car in the picture that hasn’t yet cleared the distance. Imagine a traffic back up at rush hour and the light turns green before every vehicle has gotten by. That’s what I think anyway. 🙂


  3. The light on the right has been there forever. One of the tricks used by “old timers” was, if the light to go under the underpass turned yellow, get in the lane to go down access avenue. Cross the tracks, make a left, make a right onto Henderson and beat the traffic.LOL


  4. I always thought it as a weird sign too. It’s not a “yield” situation at all. It’s also strange that, just to the east, there are NO PASSING signs on 611 that were left behind from last year’s construction. Why didn’t the construction firms remove their signs? Then again, just west, there are no signs to indicate that Broadway Ave. is State Route 57. Out-of-towners (traveling westbound on 611) may be looking for 57, but NO SIGNS!


    1. When I first moved to Lorain, the intersection of 33rd and Broadway had a traffic light and 33rd street also had a stop sign! I never knew if I had to stop at the stop sign if the light was green! Someone ended up hitting the stop sign on the west side of the intersection and sure enough, the wise city of Lorain immediately put up a temporary stop sign! I solved my dilemma by avoiding that intersection at all costs!! Crazy city!


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