Lorainiac Lorainian spreading Lorainia

Although Dennis has a cool shirt…
Lorainiac Lorainian collage wmI like my version better 🙂

Dennis and mom 082314Councilman Dennis Flores and his mom.

2 replies to “Lorainiac Lorainian spreading Lorainia

    1. “Lorainians” is what I started calling the followers of Lorain 365 when I began the blog. I like the way it sounds and thought it made us sound a little more resilient than Lorainites [lorain-lites?]. I’ve seen the people of Lorain referred to as “Lorainies” and “Lorainers” online, too. There really aren’t any rules when it comes to demonyms, people will eventually decide what they want to call themselves. When I see someone use Lorainian it makes me 🙂 Sometimes it shows up in the most unexpected places, like here: http://lorainian.webs.com/


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