Meeting the Moores

Recently, I had the opportunity to tour the Lorain Historical Society’s Moore House Museum and meet the life-size replicas of the members of the Moore family that were created by local artist, Peggy Asensio.

Leonard Moore was Lorain’s 11th Mayor.
During his term [1916-1917], the city acquired the property which is now known as Lakeview Park.

Mayor Moore

This is Leonard’s wife, Caroline.
Mrs Moore

These are their daughters [not necessarily in this order]: Eleanor, Ruth and Helen.
Moore daughter 3

Moore daughter 1
Moore daughter 2

Lorain Historical Society has invested a lot of time and hard work to make the Moore House look like it did when the Moore family lived there in the 1920’s. This was my first time visiting and I will definitely go back. It is a beautiful house and there is a lot “Moore” here to be seen and learned about Lorain!

Sources: Lorain Historical Society, Brady’s Bunch of Lorain County Nostalgia, Chronicle Telegram

3 replies to “Meeting the Moores

  1. Thank you for sharing! The life size replicas of the real Moore family are indeed an amazing likeness of them.

    I wish, however, that the historical society kept the photographs that were once posted on their website up for public viewing. It was so wonderful to see them. The new website is much more streamlined and of very little historical content beyond current events announcements. Pages 86 and 87 of the Images of America series for Lorain, Ohio has photograhs of Leonard M. Moore (page 86) and page 87; the three daughters, Ruth, Eleanor and Helen Moore when they were children.

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