Houses in Lorain – West 9th Street

Ree’s photo from 1/11/12 of one of my favorite Lorain houses – the William Seher house
Dan Brady did a series about this house: Ninth Street then and now, Own one of the houses on this vintage postcard, and William Seher Company

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  1. My paternal grandparents, Scott (Winfield Scott) & Essie Limes lived at 1234 9th Street in Lorain from about 1947 until my grandfather’s death in 1959. It is a tiny house and the only bathroom is in the basement. My grandfather died after a fall down the basement stairs unfortunately, so living in that house proved to be his undoing. My grandmother was deceased by then.


    1. Actually there is a large bathroom on the second floor with the same shower that is in Stan Hewitt Hall in Akron along with an oversized clawfoot tub The bathroom also has a fresco of the birth o Venus over the tub. The first floor has a beautiful gumwood stair and mantle. The home s for sale and is very low cost. IT needs work but there is a lot of reinvestment going on in the neighborhood by people who are buying the homes at bargain prices.


      1. I couldn’t find the “for sale” listing for this house. I’d like to list it on Old House Dreams. Maybe someone who finds it there would be interested and able to save it.

        I don’t think Linda was describing the interior of the Seher house, but thank you for the details you were able to provide about the Seher house 🙂 I’ve always wanted to see the inside.

        Is this house for sale by owner? The listing at is not active.


        1. No, I was not Seher House. I saw the references to 9th Street as well as this Seher House, and just thought I’d add in my two cents about my grandparents house; because it is just the opposite — real small. I have some pictures of the front porch mostly showing the address of 1234 and my grandfather’s name under neath it. I wish I had that sign now.


    1. This house definitely needs a whole lotta love 🙂

      The listing at is not active:

      This is from the Auditor’s site:
      Market Land Value: $9,180
      Market Building Value: $38,880
      Market Total Value: $48,060
      Market CAUV: $0
      Assessed Land Value: $3,210
      Assessed Building Value: $13,610
      Assessed Total Value: $16,820

      The current owner also appears to be behind on the property taxes:
      [have to say ‘appears’ because I do not know how up to date the Auditor’s site is]
      Full Year Tax Before Adjustments: $1,553.20
      -State Credit: $442.02
      Subtotal: $1,111.18
      -Non-business Credit: $110.10
      -Owner Occupancy Credit: $0.00
      -Homestead Credit: $0.00
      Annual Real Estate Tax: $1,001.08
      Current Special Assessments: $0.00
      Delinquent Special Assessments : $602.63
      Unpaid Taxes: $1,709.26
      Full Year Tax(includes any unpaid taxes & special assessments): $3,312.97
      Total Taxes Paid to Date: $0.00


    1. The house behind it on 10th was recently demolished. It’s almost a straight shot out the front doors of the Carnegie to the back door of this house now.


    1. I remember the movie company sign attached to the front fence. In high school, lots of people said that adult movies were made there. I don’t know if there is any truth to that.


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