commercial break: Lorain High School Class of 1985 Class Reunion

Mark your calendar! Share this message, invite classmates you’re friends with on Facebook and help reach all class of ’85 graduates! Dinner, drinks, Michael Stanley concert and an after party are all part of the festivities being planned to celebrate our 30th reunion. Details to follow… but please save the date! Click here for the Facebook event page! Inbox your address for the formal invitation to follow.

Need help finding the following LHS class of ’85 members (no previous address, not on Facebook or classmates.com):
Jack Adams, Keenan Adams, Richard Adams, Rafael Agosto, Melvin Bates, Victoria Boone, Tammy Brock, Wayne Comstock, Carol Concheck, Duane Davidson, Sylvia Dawson, Cheryl Dierson, David Dzambik, Kimberly Eddy, George Escandon, Michael Freeman, Jimmy Hagerty, Peggy Harkless, Gregory Haynes, Mechelle Johnson, Vanessa Kuehn, Barb Layne, Yolanda Lane, Tina Leibas, Robert Loeber, David Lopez, Lavonne Marshall, Wendy Mencl, Kurt Milligan, Kim Monhollen, Carrie Nickerson, Richard Olan, Ann Olgin, Dewey Owens, Rickey Parsons, James Powell, Diana Pyles, Mark Rodriguez, John Sanchez, Mary Lou Santiago, David Schaefer, Rachelle Scott, Steven Secash, Ben Serrano, Sharon Spinks, Thomas Spraggins, Suzanne Stanley, Timothy Surgeon, Larry Surrena, Joanne Sziklay, Elaine Turpin, Benjamin Velez, Pam Blackhall-Wargo, Cheryl Williams, James Woody, Drema Young, Brian Zelina.

Please let us know if you are able to contact them and ask them to contact us. We want to do our best to include everyone!!! 30th reunion is June 13th!!!!

LHS 1876-1995

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