Looking for a Lorain Pride Day project?

settlers watch panorama

Pride Day will be held on Saturday, May 16, 2015 from 9am to 12pm. The list below includes all the registered groups with contact information, the location of their clean-up effort and the type of work they will be doing. If you would like to volunteer with any of these groups, please contact them. Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Pride Day 2015!!

Lorain County Youth EDGE Program
Central Park Lorain: Cleaning, mulching and litter pick-up
Tanesha Taylor: ttaylor@loraincounty.us or 440-284-4206

Charleston Village and Lorain Rotary Club
Settlers’ Watch: weeding, cleaning, mulching, etc…
Phil Dore: firephil@hotmail.com or 440-541-6098

Second Baptist Church
Central Lorain, Central Park, Pawlak Park: Cleaning up, picking up trash on vacant lots, landscape work using mulch.
Martha Pye: 440-245-0132

Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority
Kennedy Plaza, 1730 Broadway Ave: Update, clean, and refresh gazebo and the gazebo area
Evelisse Atkinson: eatkins@lmha.org or 440-288-7428

Girl Scouts
Downtown Park Located beside the Palace Theater: Clean up area, plant flowers
Corner of 5th & Oberlin: Clean up the area
Diane Perez: dianefperez63@gmail.com or 440-244-6509

East Side Block Watch
Century Park: We will be cleaning, planting flowers and spreading mulch at Century Park, along cleaning the railroad crossings on the Eastside
JR Lee: nancylee234@yahoo.com or 440-288-3331

Boys & Girls Clubs of Lorain County
Oakwood Plaza 4111 Pearl Ave.
Southside Gardens 3010 Vine Ave
Westview Terrace 2218 W. 24th: Clean up areas/neighborhoods around our Clubs
Rick Dimacchia: rtdimacchia@gmail.com or 440-277-0110

The Nord Center
Nord Center, 6140 S Broadway: Clean trash and brush out of wooded site next to the Nord Center’s building,
pick up trash, clear brush, spread mulch in adjacent agency beds and planting areas.
Betsey Kamm: bkamm@nordcenter.org or 440-204-4185

Direct Action for Central Lorain
Direct Action for Central Lorain building, 1850 Broadway: Clean and plant flowers around building
Washington Avenue from 21st street to 14th Street: Clean streets and walkways from including the Park on 14th and Washington,
remove trash, plant flowers
Theresa Wootten: direct_action@outlook.com or 440-246-1850

Lorain High School Upward Bound HPAC
Oakwood Park: Mulch, plant, clean up, paint benches, remove graffiti, etc.
Patty Robinson: probin16@kent.edu or 330-607-8281

Lorain Negro Business and Professional Women
Black River Landing/Underground Railroad: Cleanup area of trash and landscape the area
Sylia Duvall: 440-670-6027

Girl Scouts
Maple Park: Picking up debris, planting flowers, mulching
Cheryl Ross: kittymommy6@yahoo.com or 440-420-3768

Lorain Historical Society
309 W. 5th Street (Moore House): Weeding, mulching, trash pick-up
Barbara Piscopo: bpiscopo@lorainhistory.org or 440-245-2563

20th Street Neighborhood
1800 block 20th street: Cleaning abandoned property debris
Sally Peoples: nas67@centurytel.net or (440) 245-1268

Thanks for visiting Lorain 365! Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

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