commercial break: Lorain High School Class of 1985 Class Reunion

Mark your calendar! Share this message, invite classmates you’re friends with on Facebook and help reach all class of ’85 graduates! Dinner, drinks, Michael Stanley concert and an after party are all part of the festivities being planned to celebrate our 30th reunion. Details to follow… but please save the date! Click here for the Facebook event page! Inbox your address for the formal invitation to follow.

LHS85 042515

Also looking for: Bryan Herbert, Kim ONeil, Duane Davidson, Darren Morales, Raquel Rosario, Troy Mcie, Lisa Yance, Elaine Carol Turpin, Jackie Hughes, James Woodby, Keith Finitzer, Sharon Spinks, Bryant Williams, Patrick Elek, Louis Underwood, Diana Hembree, Michael Klamer, Melvin Bates, Gerald Pitts, Vicki Pendergrass, Richard Kovacs.
Please let us know if you are able to contact them and ask them to contact us. We want to do our best to include everyone!!! 30th reunion is June 13th!!!!

LHS 1876-1995

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