revisiting 2642 Broadway

Last week, I posted this photo of three year old me on the front porch of my family’s first home at 2642 Broadway. This is what the house looks like today:
2642 Broadway 052415To the left is the Brown-Robinson Funeral Home.
To the right is what I remember as the NCR building, but the signage on the back refers to it as the Burge Building.

On last week’s post, Tammy commented that her Aunt Karen lived in the house that can be seen in the reflection behind me.
This is the view across the street from 2642 Broadway now.
across from 2642 broadway 052415

muley insists we were neighbors, so I looked up his old address around the corner on W. 27th and found that
they razed muley’s house and put up a parking lot.

razed muleys house put up a parking lot

6 thoughts on “revisiting 2642 Broadway

  1. ok. across street from 2642 was crystal clear dry cleaners, a house (the empty lot), a church and then fradleys garage past the little shop bldg. Cannot remember right off hand but think it might have been a burial vault place. Don’t know if that helps. not aware of burge name on back of NCR bldg. There was an alley behind us that ran all the way thru from 26th to 27th street, all off alley parking. Residential houses up both streets. If think of anything else will share. Was Muley a last name? Love and hugs


  2. No, Mom, muley is his nickname. Dale Lieb and his family lived around the corner on 27th in the house alongside the alley [also now a parking lot]. If you click on the “this photo” link at the beginning of this post, that will take you to the Broadway Lisa post and you can see his questions in the comments. Don’t think it will be long before 2642 Broadway becomes a parking lot, too. :-/


  3. First of all, love the idea of your blog about posting a photo a day! Its amazing how after all these years, you can still totally recognise the old porch in the new photo! I just love the architecture there- nothing like the houses we have in Europe!

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  4. Small world Muley. I bought your old house, 114 West 27th. It was my first rental. I ended up selling it to Walgreens who then did a land swap with the funeral home.

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