4 thoughts on “21st Street Underpass

    • I don’t know. Maybe? Probably. I usually stay far away from this underpass. I’m convinced that I will somehow end up in it when it finally collapses. I was the passenger when taking this shot.


  1. The worst thing about the underpass is the eye appeal. Why can’t the city cut the weeds and clean both sides of the bridge approach. It looks terrible. The bridge itself looks to be in need of some repair also.


    • I remember when they cleaned up that area a few years back, it did look so much better. However, that overgrowth serves its purpose when it hides the deteriorating condition of the structure. I thought that the city was supposed to be working out an agreement with the railroad to take care of both underpasses in exchange for something the railroad wanted from the city, but it doesn’t look like that deal worked out.


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