Ride with traffic, not against!

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I do not mind sharing the road with bicycle riders who obey the rules of the road.
However, I have had it with The Powers That Be looking the other way when the bicycle riders break the law.
If I drove my car on the wrong side of the road through the whole city, I’m sure that would not be ignored.
[That would definitely bump me from Page A3 to the front with a BIG headline 🙂 ]

4511.55 Riding Bicycles – Persons riding bicycles must obey all traffic rules applicable to vehicles

4511.55 Riding Bicycles – Every person operating a bicycle on a roadway shall ride as near to the right side of the roadway as practicable

4511.20 Reckless Operation – It is unlawful to intentionally operate a vehicle in a manner which endangers the safety of persons or property.

4511.52 Bicycles – A bicycle operator who violates any section of the motor vehicle traffic or equipment law applicable to bicycles may be issued a ticket by a law enforcement officer. No points can be assessed against the bicycle operator’s driver’s license except in instances of operating under the influence.


Ride WITH traffic, NOT against!

6 replies to “Ride with traffic, not against!

    1. We have a lot of people whose only mode of transportation is a bicycle. Based on my experiences, most of them do not know the rules of the road when it comes to the safe operation of their vehicle of choice/necessity.


      1. I was complaining to a guy about this very same thing, he said that’s how he was taught to ride a bike- after I removed my foot from my mouth I changed the subject


        1. Why did you feel the need to change the subject? Someone, who obviously didn’t know any better, taught that guy the incorrect way to operate his vehicle. That guy needed to be corrected, for his safety and everyone else’s!


    1. By riding against traffic, you are putting yourself in a dangerous situation and reducing the odds that you will be seen by motorists. Riding against traffic is not safe for these reasons:

      1. When you ride against traffic, you increase the speed of a potential crash, and faster crashes are deadlier crashes. Traveling in the same direction as traffic reduces the speed of a potential crash.

      2. When drivers turn onto a one-way street, they may only look for traffic coming from one direction. Riding against traffic means turning motorists may not even look for you.

      3. Road signs and signals are oriented towards traffic traveling in the correct direction. If you ride against traffic, you can’t see the signs and signals.

      4. Riding against traffic is against the law. Bicyclists are required to obey the same laws as motorists.

      Section 4511.25(A) is a general rule that applies to all vehicles, including bicycles. Some people think it is safer to ride on the left to “see traffic coming”. This is illegal and wrong! Pedestrians walk facing traffic so they can sidestep off the road if necessary. But you cannot sidestep a bike. Riding on the left is both illegal and dangerous.


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