do you dabu?

dabu is the best new restaurant in Downtown Lorain!

Open Tuesday thru Saturday from 11a to 11p
Touted as an “Asian fusion restaurant serving Thai, Korean, Chinese and Indian bowls. Full cocktail bar with appetizers.”,

I wondered what I was getting myself into. I know what I like to eat and I don’t like to venture very far out of that comfort zone.

After perusing their menu, I decided to try the chinese orange bowl with chicken and Chuck ordered the korean bbq bowl with beef.

We also ordered two appetizers – the spanish egg rolls and the filipino pork spring rolls.

menu food

At the suggestion of our friendly and knowledgeable server, Helen, I chose a pain killer from the drink menu.
When there’s a margarita on the menu, you can be sure Chuck will try it.
menu drinks

Everything dabu makes is fresh fresh fresh and definitely worth the wait!
This was my chinese orange bowl with chicken.
Underneath the fresh crunchy stir-fry veggies and chicken is a bed of the most delicious rice just waiting to be mixed in and enjoyed.
Holding it all together is a piece of naan.
chinese orange bowl with chicken

This was Chuck’s korean bbq bowl with beef.
Underneath the crunchy fresh stir-fry veggies and well-spiced [but not spicy] beef is a bed of seasoned rice and the naan.
Chuck’s official review: “I enjoyed last night’s dinner. It was flavorful and I’m looking forward to going back to try other items on the menu.”
korean bbq bowl with beef

I didn’t get a shot of the appetizers before they were gone. Yes, that’s how yummy they were!
Although we had their identities confused, both the spanish egg rolls and the filipino pork spring rolls were the best “rolls” we’ve had in a long time.
The fresh ingredients and the special combination of spices really make a difference.
As David said in this Morning Journal article, ““A half-Puerto Rican, half-white cooking Chinese food in Lorain, Ohio — it’s as American as you can get.”

dabu turned out to be a place that is not as far out of my comfort zone as I thought it was going to be.
We thoroughly enjoyed everything we ordered – the refreshing adult beverages; the unique appetizers; and especially our outstanding dinners.
Both of us are looking forward to our next visit and trying something else on their fresh menu that’s new-to-us!
dabu is open Tuesday thru Saturday from 11a – 11p

dabu interior

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