FireFish Festival – Saturday, September 26

firefish 092615
Save this date!! Saturday, September 26 from 4 – 10pm — the launch of an amazing fest of fire, fun, art, performance called FireFish!!
Leading this effort [with Follow The Fish’s help] – the one, the only, the amazing James Levin — returning to the town he explored as a kid visiting his family who settled, lived and worked in downtown Lorain — helping it thrive back then. With James at the helm, we are going to keep working to make it thrive —
expect downtown Lorain to rock with experiences reminiscent of early Ingenuity — but with effin’ FIRE!!!
Think opera in an alley, performance on a fire truck, and a giant FireFish on FIRE!! Heaping it on all the other good things happening!!

9 replies to “FireFish Festival – Saturday, September 26

  1. I thought the opera thing /firetruck thing etc already happened earlier in the summer – is this new – where are they setting the fish on fire – will that be on the river??? I thought there was something happening on the river with fire???


    1. The event earlier this summer was a preview of FireFish, so I expect that there may be reproductions of some acts. After all, there are some we just didn’t get enough of! ๐Ÿ™‚ However, I anticipate there being lots of new and creative things to see and do, especially with James Levin involved.


      1. Thank you will there be a program available ” who what where and when” and an entertainment map where we can “see” like where the burning fish will be – I will post it on the blog

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        1. As soon as one becomes available, I will make sure you get a copy to use when you visit FireFish and a copy to share with all your friends ๐Ÿ™‚


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