Thew Shovel (now PC Campana) building demolition

As seen this morning from Fulton Avenue.

14 replies to “Thew Shovel (now PC Campana) building demolition

    1. Hi Mary! I don’t know what’s going on over there, I’ve heard a couple different stories today. I’ve had people telling me for the last week or so that I needed to get over here. I finally got the chance to check it out this morning.


      1. Hi Lisa, I also have some Pictures taken at the Plant, of my dad running one of the Cranes
        I also have a model of one of them, I remember him bringing it home in the (50’s) It’s about (6″ L x 5″ h x 2-1/2″ w)
        It was called a Motocrane, It says: Lorain on the Boom, and one the back, It has (10) wheels on it.

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        1. Hi Ron! Sorry to be a little slow on the catch-up over here 🙂 Sounds like you have some real Lorain history treasures. Do you have the photos posted anywhere online?


          1. Hello Lisa,
            My name is Rob Mate. My father worked their and also at the loader plant in Elyria. I have a few pictures of both plants. There is also an old Lorain Thew Shovel located on the way to the Oregon coast.

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            1. If you would like to email the photos to me, I would be happy to post them here and give you full credit for them. Please send them to Lorain365[at] 🙂


  1. My Father started working at the Lorain plant soon after serving in WWII and ran the Elyria Front End Loader plant until he went on the road to service Lorain,Koering,Bantam Cranes Shovels and Loaders, up and down the West Coast. He also serviced this equipment on the Alaska Pipeline. I spent many of my younger years at the Lorain and Elyria Plants with my dad. It is so sorry to see it being turn down. I now live in Washington State and you can view an old Model 75 Thew Shovel at the Loggers Museum at Camp 18 on Highway 26 on your way to the Oregon Coast.

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    1. Hi Robert! Thanks for stopping by Lorain 365 and sharing your history with us! How awesome is it that a Thew Shovel is in a museum on the other side of the country!?! Wish we appreciated what we’ve produced [human and machine] like other places do.


  2. Hi My Dad also worked at the Thew Shovel Plant in Lorain, in the (50’s) & (60’s) until it went South….
    He was a Tester Fiter, on swing shift, His name was Bob Bishop….
    I live in Phoenix, Az. Never went back to Amherst, (It was to cold)

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  3. I spent countless days looking out the window of St. Lad’s school and watching the cranes being built and smelling machine shop and welding smells when the windows were open. Funny, when I am driving around Houston these days cussing the unending road construction, I almost always see a Lorain branded crane someplace in every project going on. It takes me home for a brief moment.

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