An open letter to mayoral candidate Tim Carrion

Mr. Carrion –

Let’s get one thing straight. I have never and will never belong to any administration that inhabits City Hall, let alone be their “personal scribe”.
For someone in your camp to publicly accuse me of such is reprehensible and nothing more than mendacious propaganda.

FB Carrion screenshot 1062015 001

Nick Brockmeyer was blocked from the Lorain 365 page because of his repeated misuse of the comment section to further his agenda. He was asked to take his politics to his own page and he responded by attacking the content of Lorain 365, stating that the page is really about the Destruction of Lorain.

That puts quite an ugly spin on the times you’ve appeared on Lorain 365, doesn’t it?

FB Carrion screenshot 1062015 002

I have spent four challenging years finding and promoting the good things about Lorain.

Lorain 365 has never been and will never be about the dirty, fetid politics of this city.

Lorain 365 is one woman’s journey to rediscover herself and her city after her four-month-old son died in her arms.
Lorain 365 is how this city is viewed by those who have always lived here, those who chose to live here, and those who tell her stories.
Lorain 365 is color, inspiration, food for thought, and cheap therapy.

Lorain 365 is a living treasure and a single bastion of hope and goodwill.

So it is and so it shall remain.

I am requesting that you put an immediate stop to the inclusion of the Lorain 365 Facebook page or website in anything related to your mayoral campaign.
This includes, but is not limited to, online posts by your campaign workers where Lorain 365 is linked.

Please contact me directly with any questions or concerns.

Lisa Miller, Curator

3 replies to “An open letter to mayoral candidate Tim Carrion

  1. It is very difficult to deal with these situations – when to give people their say and when to draw the line – well done- you have added so much to Lorain and shown her in a way we all need to see

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  2. This guy obviously can’t read well and/or hasn’t been following Lorain365. Very few love this city as Lisa Miller does. She has worked tirelessly to show the best of this city, in spite of all the issues this city has. She does her best to include every good thing happening in all of the neighborhoods of this city. You want to know what is happening in this city . . . check out Lorain365! It will be posted here! Please don’t let one person tarnish the passion you have for this city. This city needs people like you and this city needs Lorain365.

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