best worst campaign sign placement

Every election, there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth over campaign signage – the size, the color, the placement [is that in the city limits? on the tree lawn? in front of a closed business? in front of a dead guy’s abandoned building?], who is stealing whose signs, what is being done with the stolen signs [you really shouldn’t share those photos with your “friends”], and the list of complaints goes on and on.

This election, there is an illegal campaign sign that outdoes them all.

Introducing the winning sign in the “Best Worst Campaign Sign Placement in the race for Mayor of Lorain” category.

His supporters put it here, I photographed it and posted it. Period.

best worst sign placement 102715


10 replies to “best worst campaign sign placement

    1. Although the folks on the corner are creative and resourceful, they probably used a ladder and a lookout. The banner is bolted to the metal frame of the sign, so they definitely didn’t want to have to go back up there again any time soon.


      1. Political signs can only be 2×4 on each sign BUT you can obtain a sign permit for $25. per 4×8 sign then it becomes and “actual sign” – wonder how many paid that 25 dollars. and I don’t think Chester Chicken is running for office but then again maybe he gets a vote – we have had stranger things happen in the 2nd ward 😉

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  1. Are you people serious? The sign is a tasteful sign and it was a nice gesture of the owners to let Tim Carrion mount the sign on his empty pole. Anybody jealous out there that they didn’t think of it?


    1. Yeah, Kathy, that’s it – we’re all jealous of those who will go to any lengths for their favorite candidate by putting up illegal campaign signage in front of a long-closed business with Chester the Chicken drawing attention to the Chicken To Go. *eyeroll*

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