5 replies to “West 17th and Broadway

    1. I never heard it called that before 🙂 This is where the city closed W 17th between Broadway & Elyria Avenue and filled in the triangle/point. I wish they’d take down the empty light poles already. People still stop at the wrong intersection [West 17th] when the light changes at the point.


      1. somewhere in my memory I remember being told that maybe it was because the of the wooden plank road and was it a toll road……… so you had to give the devil his due… I will have to check

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        1. Ok I found some information that rock with the plaque in front of the MJ marks a significant spot ”

          Today at 1:05 PM
          The plaque says “415 feet southeast of this spot is the site of the tollgate, established in 1833, on the old highway known as the plank road leading from Lorain to Elyria.” It was donated in 1934 by the Perry Chapter of the DAR. The description said the toll road eventually went all the way to Medina & It helped the farmers to the south to send their goods north to the lake to the port.

          Today at 1:05 PM

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