My fellow Lorainians… [a retraction…of sorts]

On Saturday, February 27th, 2016, Lorain 365 was the only “local media” present for the Warm Up Lorain event at Veterans Park.

On Sunday, February 28th, 2016, this photo was posted on Lorain 365:

Warm Up Lorain Veterans Park 022716
Lorain 365 original photo

On Monday, February 29th, 2016, those of you who follow Lorain 365 on Twitter may have seen this:

Warm Up Lorain screenshot 02

What I should have said was “Shame on @MorningJournal for accepting photo from unknown source, used w/o proper vetting, not removing when notified of Lorain365 original.”

It has now come to light that it was the event organizer who took the photo from the internet, cropped it to eliminate other people and the Lorain 365 watermark, then shared it with a Morning Journal reporter who used it in a “Staff report” bylined article. While the reporter may have thought that she didn’t have any reason to doubt what she was told by the event organizer, she also didn’t bother to vet the photo through a quick and simple image search to double-check her source and protect herself and her employer.

Under the Federal Copyright Act of 1976 (effective January 1, 1978, and amended when the U.S. joined the Berne Convention in 1989), photographs are protected by copyright from the moment of creation. [source] The copyright to the photo is held by the person who presses the shutter button. In this instance, that person would be me. What happened to my original photo is considered copyright infringement. It was manipulated and used without my permission. If a claim of ownership by the event organizer was included when the photo was shared with the reporter, that would be another violation of the copyright. I would expect anyone who works for a newspaper to be familiar with this law.

If the situation were reversed and I had misappropriated a photograph from The Morning Journal to use on Lorain 365, I would be in a LOT of trouble right now.
However, The Morning Journal has no problem continuing to display what they know is an altered photo submitted by a person who does not own the original photo. If a formal request to remove the photo is necessary, please consider the request made.

It’s sad that our Community Blogger partnership with The Morning Journal has to end this way. We’ll always have Unacceptable Lorain and Page A3 ❤
Morning Journal Photographer Eric Bonzar’s Imperial Imagery will remain an important part of the Lorain 365 archives.

It’s disheartening when Lorain 365 can’t get back a little of the support that it tries to give. I don’t do what I do to take credit for what you do. I do what I do to throw some positivity into the universe about this place that WE call home and hope that it comes back to US a thousandfold or more, some day, some way. The future of Lorain is now! The mission of Lorain 365 is to show the world that there is an abundance of great and fun things happening in Lorain, Ohio and that the potential exists for even greater and more fun things to happen here. I can’t do what I do without you, my fellow Lorainians, and all I ask for in return is to be given credit for my photos. When we help each other, everyone benefits. That’s how the Lorain 365 Community works.


  1. Interesting the Unacceptable Lorain and the Wurmser house with Kaja Holdings caught the eyes of the New York Times a few days ago ( you never know who is reading these blogs- and the Kaja Holdings story continues… I wonder why local media didn’t follow up as the New York Times has. they thought it a very worthwhile story to explore and investigate…….. I hope the MJ at least puts this right re Lorain 365

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    1. All the MJ has to do is take down the photo and I’m happy. I’m not looking to sue anybody over this, although I would be well within my rights to do so.
      Since the photo was not to the event organizer’s satisfaction, she should have told the reporter that she was unable to provide a photo to go with the story.
      She also could have asked me for a photo of just her and her family. Who knew that including some of the volunteers would be unacceptable?


      1. well at the risk of feeling the wrath – I frankly was not in favour of hanging clothes out in that way in the park- the way they were “placed” on the steps and the fountain meant they were blowing in the wind ( literally) and in the puddles …. the Elyria park photos I saw the scarves tied around the lamp posts and the fact there was rain- who the heck wants a wet scarf around their necks and damp clothing – also I really believe we in Lorain and Elyria have so many social service agencies, churches etc who are aware of those in need…… hanging old clothes out for the picking for a couple of days was not well thought out in my opinion . People deserve dignity and were those clothes cleaned before hand – Oh well I hope the next time there is more control. .

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    2. The Morning Journal used a photograph of mine 3 years ago in their print edition, and still has my photo on their webpage, and no credit to the photographer was given. I emailed Jon Behm questioning their policy on using photos without proper credit, and he said “That is indeed standard practice. I’m not sure what happened there, but I will find out today. Sorry, -Jon” He never replied back.


      1. That is such BS. It is NOT standard practice for a news outlet of any type to use photos without giving credit. The photo can’t be watermarked for the newspaper but they should ALWAYS give credit.


        1. I guess I should have copied and pasted the wording from the email. This is what I typed:

          “That was pretty cool they used one of my pictures in the printed version, but isn’t it standard procedure to at least give the picture taker the credit for it?”

          and his reply:

          “That is indeed standard practice. I’m not sure what happened there, but I will find out today. Sorry, -Jon”


  2. The big gap on the web page for the MJ is so unprofessional – ( where the blogs used to reside) and has been that way for weeks. You think they would at least want to show at least they care about their face of the internet …. and then they want 99 cents read on- line – that isn’t going to happen…. – looks to me it is a slow disintegration of what was once a good newspaper and employer….. I remember the days of the newsroom that was even uner that cretin Cole-( who according to Mayor Foltin could “squash naysayers” – well so much for the power of Lorain’s press- there is a huge “gap”

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