Rock for Water 2016 Recycled Fashion Show

Rock for Water began six years ago in a barn (literally) and has since become something of a local phenomenon. This annual recycled fashion show has been compared to a New York production and has captured the audience’s attention and imagination. With the support of local businesses, organizations such as The Sierra Club, The LoCo Yaks and Follow the Fish it has brought attention to all that Lorain County has to offer.

Dryer sheets, newspaper, plastic bags, and more will be brought to new life by our models and the designers to fill your imaginations with costumes of all shapes and sizes! Come see what happens when the community gets together to dig through the trash and make art. Proceeds will benefit The Sierra Club and The Black River Clean Up. With our creativity and our community we are working to make Lorain county and the world a better place!

Doors open at 6:30PM, Tickets 35$/25$/15$

Thanks for visiting Lorain 365! Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

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