revisiting the 1927 building

While taking a closer look at the date stone, I noticed that one of the bricks appeared to have words stamped into it.

I tried every editing trick I had in order to reveal those words. I searched the internet for every combination of words that we managed to come up with, all to no avail. My internet searches eventually brought me to the Bricks Of Ohio Blog, where I reached out to the author, Jim, for help with identifying what I had found. He kindly referred me to the Crazy About Bricks FB Group, of which I am now a member. I had no idea that brick collecting was such a popular hobby!

I figured if I couldn’t read what was on that brick, there probably wasn’t much of a chance that anyone else could either. I headed back over there to see if the exterior was built with these bricks and if there were any other bricks that were more readable. A newly paved parking lot next to the building made for a quick and easy close-up inspection. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the exterior appears to built with bricks from The Finzer Brothers Clay Co. in Sugarcreek, Ohio. [See beautiful photos of the brickworks and surrounding area by clicking here.]


    1. Hi Linda! I was surprised to see that bricks were hauled all the way up here from Sugarcreek! With all the industries that used to be in Lorain, I thought there would have been a much closer brickworks than Sugarcreek. Maybe there’s something special about those Sugarcreek bricks that I haven’t discovered yet…hmmm…they sure did take a lot of abuse over the years from the crap that came out of those steel mill stacks.


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