Casa Rumana? Romana? Roumana?

Looks like it was a “U” then an “O”…or is this exactly the way it was supposed to be?

All of my internet searches lead me back to “Roumanian Club”

The stone alongside the door that’s on the right:
My translation attempt was not very successful:

An internet search revealed nothing about the names on the stone above the door that’s on the right.


  1. I can tell you it definitely is the Rumanian Club. Your great-great uncle Dreamer Milicic was the Club steward for a number of years. I used to work Steak Frys there with Aunt Carol. Will ask her tomorrow if she knows anything about the placard by the door. It certainly looks like it is sort of corner stone type placard with a date when it opened. Did you try translating with Latin. Este seems to be a “latinish” verb of To BE

    Lo you

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    1. Google Translate auto-detected the language that I entered to be translated. When I clicked on their suggested change, it seemed to completely change everything and it translated even less. I tried Latin and it won’t accept that as the original language.


  2. Hartley & McGee were building contractors in Lorain in the 1920s. The 1926-27 Lorain Directory has a listing for Hartley & McGee, (Arthur S. Hartley and James H. McGee), Building Contactors, 1326 9th Street.

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  3. Hello! As a Romanian girl, I can tell you that this is written in Old Romanian, this is the reason you could not translate all of it. In other words, it says something similar to: The residence La Hasu Bihoreanu of Mister Oprea Serbu and his wife Maria Serbu was baptized on 16th of September 1923.

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    1. Hello, Bianca! Thank you very much for translating the Old Romanian for us! Based on what I find online for the Serbu family in our area, plus the reference to the building being a residence, now I’m wondering if this social club started out as a saloon & boardinghouse. I’ve definitely got more research to do. Thank you again for your help!

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