J. Nicola & Son 1931 building

The 1930 Census shows Joseph Nicola [age 50, grocery store manager]
and his son, William [age 16], residing at 2916 Seneca Avenue.
According to William’s 2004 obituary, “He joined his father in the operation of Joseph Nicola & Son Grocery, which was a Lorain landmark located at East 29th Street and Seneca Avenue. He ultimately became proprietor of that establishment until its closing in 1954.”
The Lorain County Auditor currently lists this as a 4 unit apartment building.

The Lorain County Auditor’s site included this photo of a small office building that is adjacent to the Nicola Building. I didn’t realize it was part of the parcel until after I took my photos.


  1. For several years in the late 1930s, and maybe longer, Joseph Nicola also operated a gasoline service station, in addition to his grocery store. Perhaps the small building adjacent to the grocery store and residence was the service station.

    In the 1937 City Directory Joseph is listed as the owner of a service station located at Seneca Ave. and the southwest corner of East 29th Street, and the grocery at 2916 Seneca Ave. He sold Blue Sunoco Gasoline.

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  2. Hi Rick – Compared to its modern day counterparts, it’s hard to imagine that little building on the corner was a gas station. Perhaps Joseph Nicola was a man ahead of his time with what might have been the first gas station/grocery [convenience] store in the city. He died on December 25, 1938, at the age of 53.

    Thank you for filling in the blanks in the ‘J. Nicola & Son’ story 🙂


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