Why not us, Lorain?

Yesterday we visited Huron’s beautiful waterfront. They have made many changes and improvements to make the area more accessible to everyone. I kept asking Chuck “Why can’t Lorain have that?” “Why can’t Lorain do that?” “Why doesn’t Lorain think of these things?” and the only answer he had to every question was “Politics.”

When we came upon this scene – a riverfront park with a walkway the length of the river [you are seeing a very small part of the park & walkway], a seasonal riverside hotel that offers incredible views of the Huron River and the boat and ship traffic, my first thoughts were “I should be taking this photo in Lorain. This should be on the Black River.”
If one were to continue to the north – under the hotel drop-off and where the orange barrels are – there are various bars, restaurants, and other businesses, as well as buildings that are awaiting tenants. Eventually, the road ends at Huron’s Mile Long Pier and Lighthouse. From there, one can see Cedar Point and Kelleys Island to the west. Although the area remains a work in progress, there is plenty to see and do.

We have a similar waterfront to work with. We can do this. Why not us, Lorain?

2 replies to “Why not us, Lorain?

  1. I remember going to a restaurant on the Huron River called The Twinehouse. Believe me that was way back in the day, well before Lorain 365 (special dinners before returning to college). It is something that should have been considered when Lorain was first looking at the Riverfront for development. The politicians hitched their star to a developer with grandiose ideas that never panned out. (The casinos went other places like we all predicted!) It is not too late IF only the pundits could clear their heads and really work together to make it happen. So many other lake front towns have done this, so should/can Lorain.

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    1. Please visit this post over on the FB page. The county has landed a nice grant for brownfield redevelopment and they want to focus on the SR 57 corridor. If we shift our thinking to that being our own unique version of Lorain’s “main street”, the possibilities are endless. Pittsburgh has done some phenomenal things with their old steel mills and churches and WE CAN DO IT, TOO!


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