bridging the Black River

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  1. Is the photo from a drone?

    Has anyone ever done a history and photo of the old house (now with the bright blue roof!) that sits next to the Pure Gas Station? I believe it is or was Gene’s Marine? I love this photo and it shows the smoke stacks of the Avon Lake electric plant and the tops of the buildings of downtown Cleveland. Very nice photo and I appreciate it seeing it so much. A lot of history with the Charles Berry Bascule bridge in Lorain!

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      1. Hi Lisa. Thank you so much! I am so pleased you took this photo that shows so much of the skyline from the basucle bridge to the East. There certainly is a lot of history that goes with Gene’s Marine as probably the oldest house on the east side that is within a couple of blocks from the bridge. I am surprised at the color of the roof though which is such a bright blue and the house itself is red of course. I enjoyed your photo so much. Thank you.

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