What would you do with this?

For the sake of conversation, everything you see is yours to develop.

Edited to add:  An overhead view – the area in the photo above is circled in yellow.

One reply to “What would you do with this?

  1. While the site you identify near the mouth of the harbor would seem to be a prime spot for development, it has a problem. The area you have circled encloses the area of the former Brush Beryllium Plant which occupied the area of West 1st St. and Hamilton Ave. from about 1935 until it was destroyed by a massive fire on Sept. 21,1948. Beryllium is a potentially dangerous chemical, that very likely contaminates the ground of the former plant. Some years ago the city admitted that they we not sure of the amount of contamination, but admitted that the area would have to be remediated before any development could take place on the site. The area is currently safely used as a paved parking lot, and will undoubtedly remain as such until money is forthcoming from some source for remediation. Good luck with that!

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