Lorainian lost

The first home that I shared with my parents, 2642 Broadway, was recently demolished. It was disconcerting to discover that my personal history is beginning to disappear.

May 2015


Broadway Lisa


  1. So sorry for the loss of your home. My childhood home at 208 Arizona Avenue was demolished in 2003; and today nothing stands in its place or on that side of the street.

    I have to say when I see the word “Loranian” I think it sort of odd because all of the years that I lived in Lorain it was Lorainite. You’ll also see Lorainite in the newspapers.

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      1. I lived in Lorain from 1948 to 1981 and we called ourselves “Lorainites”. If you browse through the Lorain newspapers for local stories that is the word used to identify those living in Lorain. So, you “sort of” invented a new identity word for those folks living in Lorain; whether that is universally accepted now, I don’t know.

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