Scavenger Hunt – thought I found a gargoyle

I thought I found a gargoyle, but it turned out to be a Chinese Guardian Lion. There’s actually a pair of them, one on each side of the front entrance.
“…placed inside or outside a building…meant to protect your home or workplace from negative energy. It is said these guardian lions will stop anyone with malicious intentions from entering your home.” [source]
While I didn’t find the gargoyle I had in mind when I went looking, I inadvertently found one and learned something new in the process.

2 replies to “Scavenger Hunt – thought I found a gargoyle

  1. I love your themes. 🙂

    Fun fact- there are gargoyles and there are grotesques. Gargoyles are the ones that spit water as part of a gutter system or fountain . The word gargoyle comes from the same root word as gargle – so probably throat. The grotesques are the ones that don’t spit water. Both serve as guardians, like you said…..I learned this when I was researching information for a sixth grade project at Lincoln. I don’t remember if we did it, though.

    I love your photography project!!!!!!

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  2. Thank you for educating us on the gargoyles vs. grotesques! I appreciate the information! When I added a gargoyle to the challenge, I was thinking one of the garden statue variety that I thought many had, not the water spout. Instead, I discovered that lions are the front yard statue of choice for many of my fellow Lorainians.

    Thank you for your kind words about the latest incarnation of Lorain 365. I’d like to think that it really is helping me take another look at this city and photograph things that I may not have under different circumstances. If you aren’t part of Lorain 365’s Weekly Photo Challenge FB group, please join. We’d love to have your input and suggestions for future challenges.


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