6/9-6/13 Photo Challenge Winner

photo challenge - show and tell
Etta Heck
There has been so much negativity in the world lately. 
Let me show & tell my year round Tree this year. 
Christmas... Three Kings Day
Valentine’s Day
Mardi Gras
St. Patrick’s Day
Memorial Day
Pride Month
Now... I started to do this 6/7 years ago, & had to stop due to a big major move, then life happened & this year “WAS THE YEAR!” I told my self that after Thanksgiving 2020. Everyone thought I was nuts (ok maybe I am just a little/or a lot.) I even started out telling myself ”you buy nothing”! Using only what I already had. (With the exception of a few things for certain holidays I usually don’t have things for) I bought & spent very little. I honestly look at it like, who cares my house, I get to look at it, enjoy it, & no depressing feelings about taking the tree down after Christmas or missing the glow of the lights at night. Ok Ok ok I know, no need for me to get sappy. 🤣😂🤣 With that being said, I have good reviews/comments & some pretty bad ones. From how disrespectful I am of the “flag” to NOT so nice comments about my PRIDE tree. I feel if you can’t be nice about things that make others happy, why not keep scrolling.
Sooo even if I am the only one or maybe a few others like these or makes them happy, WHY NOT!
My family looks like this
We are all God’s children
We all bleed red
We all should love each other,
No matter, what/how we celebrate, no matter what religion, no matter what color we are, who we love, date, or anything life throws at us!
So again even if this makes just ONE MORE PERSON HAPPY other than me, it HAS BEEN WELL WORTH IT!
Have a great day & weekend.

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