“I’m still standing (yeah yeah yeah)…”

3620 Clifton Avenue, May 11, 2022

We first shared this property in January 2013. At that time, even though it was noted by Demolition Board member, 5th ward Councilman, and neighborhood resident Eddie Edwards that “Before the sale, the house sat empty for about five years, with its doors and windows open and generally falling apart…” and “The new owners also waited a year before taking action to repair it…” AND the Demolition Board went out to see this house for themselves AND took the Fire Chief with them AND talked to the unhappy neighbors – the owners had $17,000 and a plan and that was enough for the Board to grant them a second chance. An amazing turn of events for a house that the same Board had declared “…a nuisance to public health…” the week before it had been “saved”.

3620 Clifton Avenue, January 2013

One week later at the Demolition Board of Appeals, the condition of the structure sparked the most discussion. Plans were reviewed. This house had sat exposed to the elements for at least five years. before being sold for $200 to two guys who let it sit untouched for two more years before they even attempted to put a roof on it. The Board decided to give this house yet another stay of execution. A second second chance. Five more weeks to make repairs.

At the meeting held February 28, 2013, the owners were given another month to continue their work on the property. They were granted this extra time because they had roofed and secured the house, plus cleaned up the yard. I had gone by there a few times over the next couple months, but never stopped to take pictures because nothing had changed. However, in June 2013, I was surprised to see that the houses on either side had been demolished.

In March 2017, I discovered that the address had been removed from the Auditor’s site. I later found out that it was because the Auditor’s Office thought the house had been demolished. The Auditor’s Office corrected their records and the whole process began all over again. A second second second chance??

3620 Clifton Ave. March 2017

What is it going to take to eliminate this “… nuisance to public health…” once and for all?? The residents of this neighborhood have deserved better for a very long time.

[post title lyrics from "I'm Still Standing" by Elton John]

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